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About Us

The Phenova Story

Phenova, located in Golden, CO, is a leading ISO 17043 accredited provider of proficiency testing products and services, quality control standards and an ISO 17025/ISO 17034 accredited manufacturer of certified reference materials.  As a subsidiary of Phenomenex, Inc. we are passionate about analytical chemistry, and we pride ourselves on providing unique products and services that directly benefit our customers worldwide.  

Phenova started over a decade ago.  Immediately upon joining forces with Phenomenex, considerable investments were made towards capacity expansion and ambitious improvement objectives, which would otherwise have taken years to accomplish.  Our clients and employees are the driving force behind these investments and each and every action we take is in an effort to increase the value we deliver to those we are fortunate and privileged to serve.




What We Are Here To Do


Look After the Customer.

Our customers include our clients, our employees, our community, and humanity – we exist to serve them all.  Regardless of anyone's position within Phenova, maximizing the value that our individual work provides to our customers is the single highest priority we all share.  With every action, every decision and every communication, we strive to create value for those who drive our progress.



Demand Only the Highest Quality.

We set and define extremely high standards in every aspect of our business and take all essential actions to continuously improve the quality of our systems and workflows, our products, our services and our work environment so that we may deliver the highest value to our customers.  Just good enough is never good enough.



Solve Problems, Remove Constraints.

We actively identify constraints, inefficiencies, time-wasters, and non-ideal conditions that get in the way of productivity, accuracy, safety and quality in everything we do related to the products and services we provide.  We seek to do the same for our clients by creating and offering innovative products, services and technologies that help them to achieve their organization’s objectives.



Act with Ownership and Urgency.

We take pride in our work and approach our duties and responsibilities with attention to detail, responsibility, ownership, and urgency in order to deliver desired results, fast. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing now and it is worth doing right.



Be Optimistic and Progressive.

At all times through our actions and communications we will foster and promote an open, optimistic and progressive approach to our work, our colleagues, our customers, our community, and our business.  With this approach, there is no limit to what is possible to achieve, and it is difficult to go wrong.