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Corrective Action Support

Corrective Action & PT Technical Library

With Phenova a “Not Acceptable” is Not Acceptable

The Phenova PT Guarantee: If your lab receives a Not Acceptable result in a Phenova PT Study and cannot pinpoint the issue, contact our technical support group. We will guide you through the most effective corrective action process and, if necessary, we will provide a FREE Phenova QC Standard to help get you back on track!

Steps to Take

1.  Use the Corrective Action Investigation Check List

2. Verify Your Corrective Action Measures With Phenova

3.  Enroll In A Rapid Return™ or PT Study

4. Contact Phenova for any technical support
     Call us at:1-866-942-2978


To Re-Analyze or Not to Re-Analyze?

If you had one “Not Acceptable” result within your last three studies, please avoid rushing a supplemental Rapid Return™ study without first performing corrective action. Rapid Return studies count as another PT result and running them without an adequate corrective action investigation could result in a second “Not Acceptable” result, costing your laboratory’s accreditation


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