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What Our Clients Love About Us

YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AMAZING! The little things make a big difference. I love the DOC reports! This makes it so simple to manage our continued performance documentation.
Arkansas Analytical Inc.

I have heard excellent things about Phenova from the previous Quality Assurance officer who trained me! I can see why they were so pleased with your company and the services you provide.”
North Coast Laboratories

It just doesn’t get any better than this! You are the best. And of course thanks to the whole team that deals with me all the time with such wonderful service.
Test America Laboratories Inc.

As a new QA officer this year, I had my first experience with PT studies; I found Phenova’s website very user-friendly. The customer and technical service people, when I had questions, were very quick, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Test America Laboratories Inc.

In my years of owning and managing a full-service environmental laboratory, I learned the value of having a turnkey, “no-nonsense vendor at my desposal. I have always recommended Phenova to my colleagues in the industry and will continue to do so, largely because of their philosophy of support in all aspects of proficiency testing process. You will not find a more competent group of professional.
Reputable Environmental Laboratory

Our lab has been a Phenova customer for many years and their staff has been very knowledgeable and helpful. The PT Manage program is great – I can enter my data and review it and even go back and look at past PT studies at the same time. The Rapid Return program is very valuable to our lab – no one likes to fail a PT but if we do, we are grateful for the quick turn around on the Rapid Response PTs. I also appreciate that my sales rep is proactive and prepares a quote for me each year to approve for my PTs for that year – I dont have to remember to place my order each time, my sales rep makes sure I am taken care of! Keep up the good work!
Reputable Environmental Laboratory


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