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PT Manage

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Important Notice:

Effective January 1,  2024 Millipore Sigma will no longer offer Proficiency Testing products and services.
Phenova is an ISO and TNI accredited PT provider that is ready to assist you with your Proficiency Testing needs.

Contact a Phenova PT expert for assistance at info@phenova.com or call 303-940-0033

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Managing PT Analytics and Reporting

Your Data Tells a Story... With PT Manage QA Managers have the flexibility to generate customized reports that delivers valuable insight about their laboratory’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to take a proactive approach to improve overall performance.


Explore PT Manage

Tour our guides and videos to see how PT Manage has adapted to fit the evolving needs for QA Managers and provide solutions to modern PT challenges.

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PT Manage Training Videos

  • PT Manage: Overview

    PT Manage: Data Entry

  • PT Manage: Data Review

    PT Manage: Custom Coding

  • PT Manage: Method Code


Empowering QA Managers

Gain insight on the progress of labs and chemists across your network. Use that information to take the right preventative actions to manage your lab’s success.

All Reported Through PT
Manage’s Custom Report

  • Spot analytical trends
  • See when issues happen, not just where
  • Test new methods/instruments and Perform DOCs
  • Compare across laboratory analyses/methods
  • Monitor laboratory performance at the analyst level

Gain Insight by Finding Answers to Performance Questions

Spot Analytical Trends Before they Become Problematic
“Which tests are most challenging for our lab?”

Identify Leadership Opportunities
“Does a certain analyst consistently succeed with a particular test?”

Increase Network Collaboration
“Which labs are outstanding performers? I would like to spread best practices
and technical expertise across the network.”