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Verify the Quality of Your Data.

You pride yourself in the quality of data your lab produces, and we appreciate the opportunity to work by your side as a partner in maintaining this expectation of excellence.  Phenova QC Standards include certified values and acceptance limits so you can verify your data by comparing it to the known components.  Use QC standards in the following ways.



Routine Quality Evaluation



Instead of waiting for a proficiency study to alert you to potential issues, we strongly recommend incorporating quality control standards as part of your routine internal quality evaluation program.  By using Phenova QC standards, you receive instant feedback for your data quality objectives.



Root Cause Investigation



Did you receive a "Not Acceptable" result for an analyte in a PT study? Use Phenova QC standards to help determine the root cause. With few exceptions, our QC standards spent their previous lives as PT standards and have been analyzed by multiple laboratories, underlining the dependability of the certified values and acceptance limits. Use them to see where you stand and get valuable information on what issues might need to be addressed before pursuing a corrective action.

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Train Your Analytical Staff



Phenova QC standards are a powerful tool in your training regimen.  Staff can analyze QC standards as if they are real-world samples and results can be compared with known data.  Help your colleagues perfect their technique and get valuable practice so that the quality is there when it counts.



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