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Biosolids / Sewage Sludge PT Standards

Phenova Biosolids


Biosolids are falling under more environmental regulation both internationally and domestically. The Phenova Whole-Volume Biosolids Studies allow your laboratory to work with the same sample type that you see daily. The analyte lists include anions, trace metals, and quantitative microbiological components. Our matrix preparation ensures that each standard is homogenous, both in terms of the matrix and the fortified analytes, so you aren’t left to wonder if it is a true biosolids sample.

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Phenova Microbiological Standards


Phenova provides quarterly PT studies for Biosolids Microbiology Class A and Class B. Our whole-volume standards save you time by eliminating a rehydration step.

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Send us your list of certifications and/or standards and one of our technical specialists will present you with a thorough analysis of your PT program with recommendations for better efficiency and/or savings.

Biosolids PT Study Dates

Month Open Close Study ID Order
January 21-Jan 07-Mar SLD0119 Enroll Now
April 15-Apr 30-May SLD0419 Enroll Now
July 22-Jul 05-Sep SLD0719 Enroll Now
October 21-Oct 05-Dec SLD1019 Enroll Now