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Soils / Hazardous Waste PT Standards

Phenova Soils/HW Study Guide

Phenova Soils/HW Study Guide

Phenova Soil Studies contain a larger number of standards to help you meet your accreditation needs for domestic and international programs, alike.

While many providers add certain components to their analyte lists without ever spiking them, Phenova carries such standards on a routine basis. You gain peace of mind by not simply reporting a non-detect for reactive cyanide, but instead performing the analysis to know that your laboratory is in compliance.

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Send us your list of certifications and/or standards and one of our technical specialists will present you with a thorough analysis of your PT program with recommendations for better efficiency and/or savings.


Soil/HW PT Study Dates

Month Open Close Study ID Order
January 28-Jan 14-Mar HW0119 Enroll Now
April 22-Apr 06-Jun HW0419 Enroll Now
July 29-Jul 12-Sep HW0719 Enroll Now
October 28-Oct 12-Dec HW1019 Enroll Now

Canadian CAS Study Dates

Month Open Close Study ID Order
March 18-Mar 02-May CAS0319 Enroll Now
September 30-Sep 14-Nov CAS0919 Enroll Now
Phenova Soils Standards

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Soil PT standards are difficult to analyze, let alone manufacture. With their expertise and experience, our Phenova™ Manufacturing and Analytical Team masterfully creates Soil PT Standards that are truly representative of what your laboratory prepares and analyzes every day. Our goal is to make the PT process as realistic and routine as possible.



HW PT Standards

Toxicology Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)