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Water Pollution / Non-Potable Water PT Standards

Phenova Water Pollution Study Guide

Phenova Water Pollution Study Guide

With convenient monthly enrollment, Phenova™ WP Studies are the most comprehensive in the industry. To more accurately reflect your laboratory’s testing portfolio, Phenova WP Studies contain many state-specific and non-TNI analytes that other providers do not offer. Assured by Phenova’s TNI and ISO 17043 proficiency testing (PT) accreditations, contract and municipal laboratories around the globe rely on Phenova WP Studies to meet their accreditation requirements. The WP program is designed to be compliant with the Discharge Monitoring Report - Quality Assurance Program (DMR-QA).

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WP PT Study Dates

Month Open Close Study ID Order
January 08-Jan 22-Feb WP0118 Enroll Now
February 05-Feb 22-Mar WP0218 Enroll Now
March 05-Mar 19-Apr WP0318 Enroll Now
April 02-Apr 17-May WP0418 Enroll Now
May 07-May 21-Jun WP0518 Enroll Now
June 04-Jun 19-Jul WP0618 Enroll Now
July 09-Jul 23-Aug WP0718 Enroll Now
August 06-Aug 20-Sep WP0818 Enroll Now
September 10-Sep 25-Oct WP0918 Enroll Now
October 01-Oct 15-Nov WP1018 Enroll Now
November 05-Nov 21-Dec WP1118 Enroll Now

Canadian CAW Study Dates

Month Open Close Study ID Order
March 27-Mar 11-May CAW0317 Enroll Now
September 25-Sep 09-Nov CAW0917 Enroll Now
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WP PT Standards


Phenova provides monthly microbioical PT studies for both Water Pollution and Water Supply. Our whole-volume standards save you time by eliminating a rehydration step.